Mozadev in Vilanculos, Inhambane, Mozambique

Vilanculos Lodge

Our lodge's home city of Vilanculos is approximately 700 km north of Maputo and is known as the gateway to the Romantic Islands of Bazaturo.

It is a busy town with friendly people.  The local market and shops in Vilanculos satisfy all the basic need for food and refreshments.  Clinics and good skilled medical doctors support the towns health care.  Fuel stations and banks are available.

The Vilanculos International Airport caters for regular flights from South Africa and other parts of the world.
Some of our developments are less than 1.5km from the International Airport. An improved road from the South makes this town a popular tourism destination.

Unwind in the beauty of nature with the white sands and clear blue waters at the location of Casa Chibububo Lodge.

Activities like game fishing, island hopping, scuba diving and snorkeling happen daily around our Vilanculos lodge.

Check availability and rates.

Casa Chibububo Lodge Watch TowerCasa Chibububo Lodge Lounge
Casa Chibububo Lodge StreetsCasa Chibububo Lodge HouseCasa Chibububo Lodge Establishment

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